Saturday, February 20, 2010


Grandma Kathi took me on a shopping trip for some food.
First we bought Bananas and they cost us 10 rupees. Jenni do you remember what 10 rupees was in USD? 0.215958 USD

Then we got 4 oranges, 4 apples and 4 Pomegranates and they cost us 140 rupees = 3.02342 USD

These markets are all outside on carts and they all want you to buy from them. It was alot of fun and I meet some really nice people.

This was a cart full of grapes, green and purple and some oranges.

Grandpa Bob is walking past a vegetable cart.

They push these carts of vegetables up and down the street and yell out the vegetables that are on the carts and the cooks in the apartments come out and buy the vegetables just for the day. In old days there were no refrigerators and they could only buy enough to keep for a day. They have fruit carts, vegetable carts and some have kitchen utensils.

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