Friday, February 26, 2010

Eating In India

Most of the food here is way to spicy, but Grandma Kathi takes me to McDonald's every once in a while so I can have Chicken McNuggets.

The chocolate milk shake was 24.00 rupees / $.52 USD
2 - 9 piece Chicken McNuggets were 328.00 rupees / $7.13 USD
Total bill was 352.00 rupees / $7.65 USD

They don't eat beef here so there are not any hamburgers, they eat veggie burgers. The French Fries taste the same, it was just a little like being home again.

All the dessert are different here, too. They are vegetarian's and they don't eat eggs, Grandma Kathi just doesn't know how they can bake a cake without eggs.
Grandma Kathi treated me to a "Chocolate Fondue". That was really good!

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