Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Flat Stanley arrives in India.....

Grandma Kathi opened her eMail and found me looking out of her computer. I was SO HAPPY to see her. Being transported 10,000 miles from Oklahoma USA to Ahmedabad India was pretty fast and I am still a little dizzy.

Grandma printed me out on this really warm machine.

It felt good to be free again.

I arrived in Ahmedabad India (it's on the left side of the map in the middle) at February 17th, 2010 at 8:33 AM CST US but when I arrived I found that it was 11 1/2 hours earlier then when I left. It was 09:03 pm at night in India and Grandma Kathi and Grandpa Bob had already had super. I haven't even had lunch. She fixed me something India to eat called dall, but it was WAY TO HOT! I'm not sure I am going to like this Indian food!

10,000 miles away from Jennifer. That’s a LONG way, halfway around the world.

Grandma and Grandpa was very glad to have me join them in their Apartment on the 3rd floor of the Signature apartments in Ahmedabad, India. They have the WHOLE 3rd floor, the elevator opens up right at their front door.

It's like the movie "3 men and a Baby" elevator.

I am not ready for bed, but Grandma and Grandpa are ready so I guess I will start to adjust. I get to see India in the morning. I am so excited!

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